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Julia Tyler

John Tyler
This winter I intend to do something in the way of entertaining that shall be the admiration and talk of the Washington world.

Born - May 4, 1820 in Gardiner’s Island, New York

Parents - David Gardiner & Juliana McLachlan Gardiner

Married - June 26, 1844 to John Tyler

Children - David Gardiner (1846 – 1927),
John Alexander (1848 – 1883),
Julia (1849 – 1871),
Lachlan (1851 – 1902),
Lyon Gardiner (1853 – 1935),
Robert Fitzwalter (1856 – 1927),
Pearl (1860 – 1947)

Firsts - 1st First Lady to be photographed. 1st woman to marry a sitting President.

Post White House residence - Sherwood Forest, Richmond, Virginia

Died - July 10, 1889 in Richmond, Virginia

Married President Tyler in 1844 and assumed the role as First Lady for the remainder of his term.

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Did You Know IconDid You Know...
  • Mrs. Tyler started the tradition of having the band play “Hail to the Chief” upon the entrance of the president into a room.
  • Before marrying the president, Mrs. Tyler’s father, a U.S. senator, was killed in an accident on the USS Princeton during a demonstration where she met President John Tyler.
  • After her husband died, Mrs. Tyler successfully lobbied Congress for a President’s widow’s pension.
  • Julia Tyler was the 1st First Lady to be photographed.
  • Julia Tyler was the first woman to marry a sitting President.
  • Mrs. Tyler met President Tyler on the USS Princeton, during a demonstration, her father, a U.S. senator, was killed in an accident.

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