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Lady Bird Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson
“It’s like shooting the rapids, every moment a new struggle, every moment a new direction—trying to keep the craft level and away from the rocks, and still no water in sight.” Mrs. Johnson on life in the White House.

Born - December 22, 1912 in Karnack, Texas

Parents - Thomas Jefferson Taylor & Minnie Lee Pattillo Taylor

Married - November 17, 1934 to Lyndon Baines Johnson

Children - Lynda Bird (1944 – present),
Luci Baines (1947 – present)

Education –University of Texas Bachelor of Arts degree in 1933 & journalism degree in 1934

Occupation – Owner of radio/TV broadcasting companies, manager of family ranch, managed her husband’s congressional offices

Firsts - 1st wife to hold the Bible at the Inauguration.

Post White House residence - LBJ Ranch, Johnson City, Texas

Died - July 11, 2007 in West Lake Hills, Texas

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Did You Know IconDid You Know...
  • Growing up, her nursemaid called her “pretty as a lady bird,” hence the nickname “Lady Bird.”
  • Mrs. Johnson received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award from President Gerald Ford in 1977.
  • Lady Bird Johnson was the 1st wife to hold the Bible at the Inauguration.

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