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Eliza Johnson

Andrew Johnson
"We are plain people from Tennessee, called here for a little time by a nation’s calamity, and I hope too much will not be expected of us." Spoken by Martha Johnson Patterson, daughter of the First Lady.

Born - October 4, 1810 in Leesburg, Tennessee

Parents - John McCardle & Sarah Phillips McCardle

Married - May 17, 1827 to Andrew Johnson

Children - Martha (1828 – 1901),
Charles (1830 – 1863),
Mary (1832 – 1883),
Robert (1834 – 1869),
Andrew (1852 – 1879)

Other Offices – First Lady of Tennessee 1853 – 1857

Died - January 15, 1876 in Greene County, Tennessee

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Did You Know IconDid You Know...
  • Due to Mrs. Johnson’s poor health her daughter, Martha Johnson Patterson, stepped in to serve as the White House hostess.
  • Mrs. Johnson is credited with teaching her husband how to read and write.

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