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Margaret Taylor

Zachary Taylor
Author John S.D. Eisenhower wrote on Mrs. Taylor: “In the upstairs quarters of the White House, Margaret Taylor ran a congenial and welcoming establishment, and since relatives abounded, guests were almost always present. Margaret, however, remained true to her resolve to shun public life, a decision that caused the pampered members of Washington society to begin circulating rumors about her."

Born - September 21, 1788 in Calvert County, Maryland

Parents - Walter Smith & Ann Mackall Smith

Married - June 21, 1810 to Zachary Taylor

Children - Anne Margaret Mackall (1811 – 1875),
Sarah Knox (1814 – 1835),
Octavia Pannel (1816 – 1820),
Margaret Smith (1819 – 1820),
Mary Elizabeth “Betty” (1824 – 1909),
Richard (1826 – 1879)

Died - August 18, 1852 in Pascagoula, Mississippi

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  • In the White House, Mrs. Taylor privately welcomed friends and family to her upstairs sitting room but her daughter, Betty Bliss, handled the formal public receptions.
  • Mrs. Taylor regularly attended St. John’s Episcopal Church.

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