A 2013 - 2014 original C-SPAN feature series telling the stories of America's First Ladies - from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama -
through conversations with top experts, video tours of historic sites, and questions from C-SPAN's audience.

America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama
Helen Taft
First Lady: 1909 - 1913
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  • Helen Taft program
  • Helen Taft's personal ambition
  • Breaking with Inauguration traditions
  • Biographical highlights
  • Running the White House
  • Creation of West Potomac Park
  • Political involvement
  • Her Inaugural Gown
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary in the White House
  • Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC
  • Inauguration Day 1909
  • Life in the Philippines
  • Influence on her Husband
  • Nellie Taft's Stroke
  • Edith Mayo on Nellie Taft's Marriage
  • Influence on her Husband
  • First Visit to the White House
  • Marriage
  • Her Early Visit to the White House
  • Inaugural Ball Gown
  • Book Discussion on My Dearest Nellie
  • Book Discussion on Nellie Taft: The Unconventional First Lady


Helen Taft

William Howard Taft
I had always had the satisfaction of knowing almost as much as he about the politics and intricacies of any situation. I think any woman can discuss with her husband topics of national interest. I became familiar with more than politics. It involved real statesmanship.

Born - January 2, 1861 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Parents - John Williamson Herron & Harriet Collins Herron

Married - June 19, 1886 to William Howard Taft

Children - Robert Alphonso (1889 – 1953),
Helen Herron (1891 – 1987),
Charles Phelps (1897 – 1983)

Education - Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

Firsts - 1st First Lady to ride with the President during the Inauguration parade. 1st First Lady to write a commercially published book: “Recollections of Full Years.” 1st First Lady to own and drive a car.

Died - May 22, 1943 in Washington, D.C.

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