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America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama
Frances Cleveland
First Lady: 1885 - 1889, 1893 - 1897
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  • Frances Cleveland Program
  • Frances Cleveland as a fashion icon
  • Author Bonnie Angelo on Frances Cleveland
  • Author Alyn Brodsky on Frances Cleveland
  • Story of "Baby Ruth" candy bar
  • Popularity as a campaign asset
  • "Jackie Kennedy of her day"
  • Frances Cleveland's likeness on souvenirs
  • Evolving role of women
  • Children in the White House
  • As a Fashion Icon
  • Wedding Dress at the Smithsonian
  • White House Wedding Story
  • Ann Cleveland Robertson - Granddaughter of Frances Cleveland
  • Relationship with her Husband
  • Her Second Marriage
  • Grover Cleveland's proposal and wedding to Frances Cleveland
  • A brief introduction to Frances Cleveland


Frances Cleveland

Grover Cleveland
"I want you to take good care of all the furniture and ornaments in the house, and not let any of them get lost or broken, for I want to find everything just as it is now, when we come back again four years from today." Mrs. Cleveland told the staff on their departure after her husband's first term.

Born - July 21, 1864 in Folsomville, New York

Parents - Oscar Folsom & Emma Cornelia Harmon Folsom

Married - June 2, 1886 to Grover Cleveland in the White House (widowed in 1908, second marriage to Thomas Jex Preston Jr. in 1913)

Children - Ruth (1891 – 1904),
Esther (1893 – 1980),
Marion (1895 – 1977),
Richard Folsom (1897 – 1974),
Francis Grover (1903 – 1995)

Education - Bachelor of Arts degree from Wells College in Aurora, New York in 1885

Firsts - 1st First Lady to be married in the White House. 1st First Lady to have a baby in the White House. 1st President’s widow to remarry.

Post White House residence - Westland, Princeton, New Jersey

Died - October 29, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland

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President Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms: March 4, 1885 – March 4, 1889 (first term); March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897 (second term)

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