A 2013 - 2014 original C-SPAN feature series telling the stories of America's First Ladies - from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama -
through conversations with top experts, video tours of historic sites, and questions from C-SPAN's audience.

America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama
Laura Bush
First Lady: 2001 - 2009
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  • Up Next: Laura Bush
  • Interview with Laura Bush
  • Family on the First Lady
  • Africa
  • The Lincoln Bedroom
  • White House Correspondents Dinner
  • First Spouse
  • Radio Address
  • National Book Festival
  • 2000 RNC
  • Laura Bush program
  • Loss of Faith
  • Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks
  • George W. Bush Presidential Center Walking Tour
  • White House Tour
  • Spoken from the Heart
  • Unveiling the Bush Presidential China
  • First Ladies' Red Dress Exhibit
  • Conversation with Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Reflects on being First Lady with Barbara Bush
  • White House Holiday Tour
  • Address to the UNESCO General Conference
  • 2010 National Book Festival Interview
  • 2010 National Book Festival clip
  • Laura Bush Interview
  • 2000 Interview
  • Her Influence
  • Women's Rights in Afghanistan
  • Comforter-in-Chief after September 11th


Laura Bush

George Walker Bush
For a first lady, there are moments of maximum political controversy, and they often strike without warning.

Born - November 4, 1946 in Midland, Texas

Parents - Harold Bruce Welch & Jenna Hawkins Welch

Married - November 5, 1977 to George Walker Bush

Children - Barbara Pierce & Jenna Welch (twins: 1981 – present)

Education - B.S. in education at Southern Methodist University in 1968; Master of Library Science at University of Texas at Austin in 1973

Occupation - Schoolteacher, Librarian

Firsts - 1st presidential spouse to deliver the White House weekly address.

Post White House residence - Dallas, Texas

Other offices - First lady of Texas 1995-2000

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