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America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama
Lucretia Garfield
First Lady: 1881 - 1881
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  • Lucretia Garfield & Mary Arthur McElroy Program
  • Lucretia Garfield program opening clip
  • Amount of the Garfield's historical artifacts
  • Life in Washington, DC
  • Letter from Lucretia to James Garfield
  • Life in Mentor, OH after husband's death
  • The President's Memorial Library
  • Letter Between Lucretia and James Garfield
  • Family Life
  • White House China
  • Front Porch Campagin
  • Marriage
  • Relationship with her Husband
  • Her Brooch and Husband's Final Days
  • Her Stance on Slavery
  • Her Character
  • Her Letters and Diary
  • Her Husband's Death
  • Lucretia and James Garfield's early relationship
  • A brief introduction of Lucretia Garfield


Lucretia Garfield

James Garfield
It is horrible to be a man. But the grinding misery of being a woman between the upper and nether millstone of household cares and training children is almost as bad. To be half civilized with some aspirations for enlightenment, and obliged to spend the largest part of the time the victim of young barbarians keeps one in a perpetual ferment.

Born - April 19, 1832 in Garrettsville, Ohio

Parents - Zebulon Rudolph & Arabella Green Mason Rudolph

Married - November 11, 1858 to James Garfield

Children - Eliza Arabella (1860 – 1863),
Harry Augustus (1863 – 1942),
James Rudolph (1865 – 1950),
Mary “Molly” (1867 – 1947),
Irvin McDowell (1870 – 1951),
Abram (1872 – 1958),
Edward (1874 – 1876)

Education - Geauga Seminary in Chester, Ohio; Western Reserve Eclectic Institute in Hiram, Ohio

Occupation - school teacher

Died - March 14, 1918 in Pasadena, California

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