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America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama


Edith Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt to William Howard Taft: “I take the keenest pride in seeing Mrs. Roosevelt at the head of the White House—a gentlewoman, who gives to all the official life...an air of gracious and dignified simplicity, and who with it all is the ideal of a good American wife and mother who takes care of her six children in the most devoted manner...Mrs. Roosevelt comes a good deal nearer my ideal than I do myself.”

Born - August 6, 1861 in Norwich, Connecticut

Parents - Charles Carow & Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler Carow

Married - December 2, 1886 to Theodore Roosevelt

Children - Theodore (1887 – 1944),
Kermit (1889 – 1943),
Ethel Carow (1891 – 1977),
Archibald Bulloch (1894 – 1979),
Quentin (1897 – 1918)

Education - Miss Comstock’s School in New York, New York

Post White House residence - Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, New York

Died - September 30, 1948 in Oyster Bay, New York

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Did You Know Icon Did You Know...
  • Mrs. Roosevelt officially changed the name of the Executive Mansion to the White House.
  • Mrs. Roosevelt established the First Ladies’ gallery on the first floor entry way in the White House.
  • Mrs. Roosevelt made major renovations to the White House in 1902, including the creation of the West Wing.
  • Mrs. Roosevelt had the first White House Social Secretary, Isabelle Hagner.

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