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Florence Harding

Warren Harding
I am content to bask in my husband’s limelight, but I cannot see why anyone should want to be president in the next four years. I can see but one word written over the head of my husband if he is elected and that word is ‘Tragedy.’

Born - August 15, 1860 in Marion, Ohio

Parents - Amos H. Kling & Louisa M. Bouton Kling

Married - July 8, 1891 to Warren Harding (first marriage to Henry Atherton DeWolfe in 1880, divorced in 1886)

Children - “Eugene” Marshall DeWolfe (from first marriage; 1880 – 1915)

Education - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Occupation - Circulation manager at Harding’s newspaper

Firsts - 1st First Lady to vote.

Died - November 21, 1924 in Marion, Ohio

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Did You Know Icon Did You Know...
  • Mrs. Harding took over the circulation department at Mr. Harding’s newspaper, “Daily Star’s."
  • President Harding referred to his wife as, “the Duchess.”
  • Florence Harding was the 1st First Lady to vote.

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