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America's First Ladies — from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama
Grace Coolidge
First Lady: 1923 - 1929
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  • Grace Coolidge program
  • Up Next: Grace Coolidge
  • Calvin and Grace Coolidge portrayers
  • Meeting Calvin and White House entertaining style
  • Granddaughter of Grace and Calvin Coolidge
  • Discussion on life of Grace Coolidge
  • Relationship with Calvin and death of Calvin Jr.
  • White House solarium and renovations
  • First Lady of Baseball
  • Helen Keller visits the White House
  • Calvin and Grace Coolidge Talkies
  • Letters to her sons
  • Her Style
  • Clarke School for the Deaf: Meeting Coolidge
  • Life in Plymouth Notch
  • Education
  • Complement to her Husband
  • Life After the White House
  • Influence on President Coolidge
  • Marriage
  • Handmade Bed Cover
  • A brief introduction to Grace Coolidge


Grace Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge
There is a song from one of our not new musicals about girls which says something about ‘the short, the fat, the lean, the tall; I don’t give a rap, I love them all.’ That is the way I feel about people, and I have been fortunate in being placed where I had an opportunity to gratify my taste by meeting great numbers of them.

Born - January 3, 1879 in Burlington, Vermont

Parents - Andrew Issachar Goodhue & Lemira Barrett Goodhue

Married - October 4, 1905 to Calvin Coolidge

Children - John (1906 – 2000),
Calvin (1908 – 1924)

Education - Bachelor of philosophy at University of Vermont in 1902

Occupation - School teacher for deaf students at the Clarke School for the Deaf

Firsts - 1st First Lady to receive an honorary degree from Boston University.

Post White House residence - The Beeches in Northampton, Massachusetts

Died - July 8, 1957 in Northampton, Massachusetts

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