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Ida McKinley

William McKinley
Author Ellen Maury Slayden on Mrs. McKinley: “President McKinley’s wife...was seen by the few who ever got close enough to form an opinion as the cross he bore gallantly...Though not an old woman—she would pass her fiftieth birthday three months after moving to the White House—she was always described as old. She was small and pale; were it not for her ivory skin and hands, she would have seemed gaunt. Her heart had been broken by the loss of two children..."

Born - June 8, 1847 in Canton, Ohio

Parents - James Asbury Saxton & Katherine Dewalt Saxton

Married - January 25, 1871 to William McKinley

Children - Katherine (1872 – 1875),
Ida (1873)

Education - Brook Hall Seminary in Media, Pennsylvania

Died - May 26, 1907 in Canton, Ohio

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  • Mrs. McKinley worked in her father’s bank in Ohio before she met her husband.
  • Ida McKinley suffered from epilepsy. Before the Presidency, she struggled emotionally with the loss of her mother and two young daughters which is thought to be the cause of her seizures.

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